Early in the morning of 15 March 1992, 40 police officers took up their positions in various streets in and around Wrexham in North Wales. As Dawn broke they swooped down on their suspects and arrested sixteen men and one woman. All but one of these had once worked at Bryn Estyn, a care home … Continue reading INTRODUCTION



IN THE AUTUMN OF 1991, as Dean Nelson embarked on his second investigation into care homes in Wales, the Tŷ Mawr inquiry had only recently began to hear evidence. The inquiry was still in session when his article about Bryn Estyn and Tŷ'r Felyn appeared in 1 December 1991. Had the Tŷ Mawr report already … Continue reading THE WHISTLEBLOWER


ALISON TAYLOR BEGAN HER PLACEMENT at Bryn Estyn on 15 March 1982. As a mature student with five years experience of residential care, she was given a wide range of duties. This meant that she had every opportunity to observe the workings of the home both through the eyes of the staff and of the … Continue reading AN INVALUABLE PLACEMENT


WHEN ALISON TAYLOR HAD completed her placement at Bryn Estyn and her CQSW course at Cartrefle College, she returned to the authority which had seconded her - Gwynedd County Council. In August 1982, she took up a post at Tŷ Newydd, a small care home on the outskirts of Bangor, where she became non-resident officer-in-charge. … Continue reading A BUMP AND A BRUISE


THE DISCIPLINARY WARNING which Taylor was given about the magistrates' visit was not the only rebuke she received. Some idea of the range of complaints made against her during this period is conveyed in a letter sent to her in July 1985 from the county personnel officer. It had been written in response to complaints … Continue reading BLACK AND BLUE