Darren Richard Laverty was in care at Tŷ’r Felin, Bryn Estyn and at Y Gwyngyll. After his parents had split up when he was a young child, he became, by his own account, ‘a tearaway’ and began to steal money from electricity meters by the age of eight.

(He has since claimed that it was his time at Bryn Estyn made him into a criminal)

On 1 February 1978, when he was 10, he was placed on remand at Tŷ’r Felin for 21 days. He was then placed under a care order and transferred to another home in Gwynedd – Eryl Wen.

In September 1981, at the age of 14, he was sent to Bryn Estyn where he met Alison Taylor during her three month placement at the home. In June 1983, he was transferred to Y Gwyngyll in Anglesey where he spent 15 months before moving into approved lodgings.

He was eventually discharged from care in May 1985, three months before his eighteenth birthday. After spending 10 months in prison for drug dealing, he claims that he came out ‘a reprobate’ – drinking, fighting and taking drugs’.

He and Alison Taylor played key roles in the 1991-93 police investigation and in the North Wales Tribunal. After the Tribunal he completed a degree course in criminology at the University of Bangor.

Although Laverty has made allegations of brutality and physical violence against a large number of people, none of these have led to a successful prosecution and a number of his claims are clearly fabrications.

Laverty did attempt to make an allegation to the North Wales Tribunal that he was sexually abused by a female member of staff, but that was also shown to have been false, and a carbon copy of an allegation by another boy who had been transferred to Ty Mawr in South Wales.

Nonetheless, he allegedly sued the Daily Mirror and claimed to have received  £10,000 for them ‘wrongly’ printing on it’s front page that he was sexually abused.





  1. Loving the last news clipping. ‘Blogger arrested on Anglesey on suspicion of stalking’. Has the journo who scribbled that ever read any of Laverty’s online vomitus? It ranks among the most narcisisstic and infantile outpouring of self pity that has ever appeared online. Calling Laverty a ‘Blogger’ is like calling Justin Bieber a Protest Singer PMSL. It’s laughable


    Please do not comment on this site any more Mr Manalien. It’s not the place for your endless childish spats and spiteful, rather sick commentary.

    Thanks ADMIN

    • I heared you have had another of your abusive & libellous blogs taken down by WordPress Christopher. Get a life mate, go for a walk on the beach or make some friends in the real world, anything. BUT STAY OFF THE INTERNET!!!

  3. ‘BLOGGER?’ I nearly pissed my pants when I read that. Everything written by him is self centred, puerile and complete bullshit. His Twitter is a hoot too

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    • Your comment demonstrates perfectly the point that Terry was trying to get across I think. Threats, profanity, atrocious spelling and abysmal punctuation all in a single comment? Well done Paul.

  5. He has not aged well has he? He looks worried. Like his past is finally catching up with him or something like that.

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